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Illustrations, some character designs and motionboards for the second installment of “No me Pregunten Más” motion graphics campaign.

Check the finished video on the link below!


Magneto, optional helmet included. By felipevsky Felipe Vargas. 

A while ago, I designed and illustrated the following motionboards for a project regarding the causes and impact of air pollution. 

A while ago, I illustrated some motionboards for a project regarding the adoption of digital television. 

Under the direction of Moisés Arancibia, I recently designed these (and more) motionboards for the “No me pregunten más” campaign, which proposes a victim-centered approach to child abuse investigations. 

Check the whole project here!

Check the foundation here!

Earlier this year I did some Motionboards / Animation for the MTV Millenial Awards

Check the Complete Project Here!

Juxtapoz Magazine - Future Chic by Felipe Vargas

 I just got featured on Juxtapoz. WOW.

Recently I was in charge of designing motionboards and animating an Ad promoting Sanfic 9, one of the most important film festivals in Latin America. 

Check the Animated project Here!

I recently made these art-deco inspired motionboards for a TV pitch. Hope you like them. 

Full project here

I while back Camilo Huinca provided me some tasty motionboards for a title sequence. Deadline was tigh, so I was given total freedom to direct, animate and provide additional design for the sequence. The result is El Afiche. Which can be seen here 

Watch it now! On this Link!